can you download the CFA curriculum to follow?

can you download the CFA curriculum to follow?




CFA® Level 1 syllabus

opic Percentage of marks Sub-topic
Financial reporting analysis 20 Financial reporting mechanics & Standards
Understanding income statements
Understanding balance sheet
Ethics 15 Standards of professional conduct
Global Investment Performance standard
Quantitative analysis 12 Time value of money
Discounted cash flow applications
Statistical concepts and market returns
Fixed income analysis 10 Fixed income securities
Fixed income markets
Introduction to fixed income valuation
Equity Investment 10 Market organization and structure
Security market indices
Market efficiency
Economics 10 Demand & supply analysis
The Firm & market structures
Aggregate output, Prices, Economic growth
Corporate finance 7 Capital budgeting
Cost of capital
Portfolio management and wealth planning 7 Portfolio management
Basics of portfolio planning and construction
Derivatives 5 Derivatives market and instruments
Basics of derivative pricing and valuation
Alternative investment 4 Mutual funds
Real Estate
Total 100
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