How to improve a country’s green economy effectively?

How to improve a country’s green economy effectively?



Economic growth is mostly get along with the degradation of environment. This degradation leads to the generation of the un-sustainability and the poverty trap. So, that is why transition to the green economy which tends to be more of environmental reasonable as well as socially equitable are so much required. Green economy has got a great as well as different impacts on the well-being of humans; which comprise of improved right to use of clean energy as well as water, improved way of nutrition, increase in employment as well as with the reduce rate of poverty.

One of the main key feature for the green economy is that it leads to attempt in order to provide many opportunities for the development of an economy and the improvement of poverty without eating away of countries natural assets. That is why, for shifting to a green economy, in order to obtain from environmental investment by aiming at the poor communities, suppose to be the key component. Green investment leads in helping and improving the environment which the improvement of the environment is also reliable as well as constant with the growth of GDP as well as with the creating of wealth.

Asked on February 15, 2018 in economics.
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