Outline 8 reasons why organizations often struggle to innovate

Outline 8 reasons why organizations often struggle to innovate



There are several reasons where organisations often struggle to innovate on their products or services side. The main reasons are as follows-

  1. Lack of proper idea is a reason behind the problem of less innovation. Organisations, now a days, need innovation to survive in the competition. But, for all the organisations it is not possible because of lack of proper ideas and blueprint for innovation.
  2. Another reason for less innovation is the lackadaisical attitude of the organisations to stick to the traditional form of products or services. Some organisations do not want to leave their tratditional form of doing business in the business world.
  3. Sometimes, low level of leadership becomes the sole reason of no innovation. Leaders of the organisations or top management donot want to cross their limits and innovate something new on their part.
  4. A reason for strugggling for innovation may be the cost involved in innovation. Now a days we see the cost incurred in innovation by the organisations are very much higher than the other costs involved to it. This may be a reason some organisations are not incurring such higher costs for innovation.
  5. Some organisations often struggle for innovation because they do not possess the necessary infrastructure required for it.
  6. Some organisations are too busy in their present services that they are missing the creativity to boost innovation into their systems and therefore they are lagging behind in the race of innovation and creativity.
  7. A reason to the failure of innovation may be that some organisations see innovation as only the application of new technologies. But they are missing the fact that innovation is a continuous process of research and development.
  8. From the employee perspectives, innovation should be guided and encouraged to the employee level too, it should not only be limited to employer level. Therefore, some organisations are missing these points and they are failing to have implementation of proper innovation in their organisations.
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