Walmart: is Walmart a good citizen?

Walmart: is Walmart a good citizen?



Walmart is America’s largest corporation implying that the retailer can have a significant impact on workers, environment and natural resources.

Following are the factors which proves why Walmart is a good corporate citizen-

1. Successful in selling goods that range from groceries to television.

2. A highly developed ability to sell itself.

3. Announced a plan that would enable some workers to pay only $11 per month in premium.

4. Planning to reduce energy use in it’s stores, double it’s truck’s fuel efficiency and minimising its use of packaging.

5. Adopted a sustainability programme to become more eco-friendly which includes :

a. Designed new stores to be more energy efficient and produce fewer greenhouse gases.

b. Added solar panels to many of its stores.

c. Installed fuel saving technologies in vehicles.

d. Improved its routing system to cut down on fuel consumption.

6. Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility with major focus on four key areas-

a. Promoting women’s economic empowerment.

b. Implementing school nutrition programme, assisting with disaster relief and promoting local farming.

c. Reducing energy use and plastic shopping bag waste.

d. Worker safety and Promoting basic values


The contributions Walmart associates make in communities go far beyond symbolic acts of goodwill. They are what good citizens do to make their communities better.

Asked on February 15, 2018 in economics.
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